Farris Rookstool, III

Farris Rookstool, III

Farris Rookstool, IIIFarris Rookstool, IIIFarris Rookstool, III

Emmy® and Peabody Award-Winning Historian, Academy Award® Nominated Filmmaker, News Analyst, Author, and Former FBI Analyst

Solving Historical Mysteries Around the World™

Honoring History

For more than 30 years, Farris Rookstool, III has been trusted around the world by heads of state, government leaders and institutions for his integrity, thoroughness and expertise to accurately uncover historical mysteries.  

Dedicated to making a lasting contribution to his community and the public at large, Rookstool honors history by revealing the legacy and heritage hidden in the finest details of the truth. He balances historical expertise and forensic analysis with artful presentation to bring award winning films, speaking engagements, and museums to life. 


The World's Leading Expert on the Assassination of JFK

During his distinguished career with the FBI, Rookstool served as their primary resource for the JFK Task Force and spent over nine years reading more than 500,000 pages of classified investigative reports concerning the assassination and prepared over 3,500 pages of follow-up investigative reports.  This is considered the most complex criminal investigation in American history. He is the only historian to brief the United States Secret Service director and assistant directors on the JFK Assassination events and personally took them to Dealey Plaza and Oswald's escape route. Rookstool was the only FBI analyst granted access to the National archives Records Administration Southwest Region vault where Parkland Hospital Trauma Room One was stored. He personally transported all of the official records from Dallas to Washington D.C. Rookstool also briefed the attorney general, FBI director, and members of Congress on the Kennedy assassination records and is the only historian to broadcast live on national television during the JFK 50th news coverage. To this day, he continues to be recognized as the world's leading expert on the assassination of United States President, John F. Kennedy. 

As an FBI Analyst, member of the Hostage Negotiation Team and Evidence Response Team, Rookstool has worked on numerous major cases and trials. Since then, he has expanded his scope to solve some of the greatest historical mysteries, authenticate relics, and uncover the truth.

Worldwide Speaker & Historical Consultant

Chosen for speaking engagements nationally, as well as internationally for prestigious organizations and individuals to include: United States Secret Service (USSS), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Royal Canadian Mounted Police, MI-5, INTERPOL, International Chiefs of Police, Col. Yigal Carmon, IDF Counterterrorism advisor to [Yitzhak Shamir &Yitzhak Rabin] and to H.S.H. Prince Albert of Monaco.

Emmy® & Peabody Award-Winning Professional Historian & News Analyst

Rookstool has helped produce award-winning documentaries that have earned a George Foster Peabody® Award, an Emmy® Award and an Academy Award® nomination. He has also been the historical consultant and on-air interviewee for features on ABC News, NBC News, CBS News, Discovery Channel, PBS (Frontline), and History Channel.  

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