Farris Rookstool, III

Farris Rookstool, III

Farris Rookstool, IIIFarris Rookstool, III

Federal bureau of investigation

Cases, Trials & DNA Analysis

cases & trials

FBI Major Cases

Rookstool was one of only 12 FBI Analysts assigned to the FBI Criminal Division's elite Visual Investigative Analysis Unit at FBI Headquarters.

  • Oklahoma City Bombing (1995)
  • Top 10 Fugitive Juan Garcia-Abrego (1995)  
  • World Cup Soccer (1994)
  • Waco Incident (1993) 
  • Federal Response to Los Angeles Riots (1992)
  • Judge Robert Vance Assassination (1989)  
  • Savings & Loan Crisis (1988)  
  • Top 10 Fugitive Louis Ray Beam, Jr. (1987)  
  • Top 10 Fugitive Michael Frederic Allen Hammond (1986)  
  • Delta 191 Airline Crash DFW Airport (1985)  
  • Top 10 Fugitive Christopher Bernard Wilder (1984)  
  • 1984 Republican National Convention (1984)

High Profile Cases

  • Lisa Rene Kidnapping, First Federal Death Penalty under Federal Death Penalty Act (1994)
  • Ronald Craig Wolf - Counterespionage (1988)
  • Robert Edelman Murder for Hire (1987)  
  • Walker Railey Extortion (1987)  
  • Mallory Elizabeth Sutton Kidnapping (1985)  


FBI DNA Analysis Unit - Laboratory Division

Pioneered Scientific Method

Rookstool worked with the DNA Analysis Unit at the FBI Headquarters and pioneered the first scientific method for lifting DNA off of stamps and envelopes. Rookstool spent hundred of hours researching the possibility of utilizing his forensic technique for a high profile FBI cold case he was working on. The DNA Analysis Unit at the FBI Laboratory agreed to perform Rookstool's request. 

This was the very first time DNA was ever extracted from stamps and envelopes in a criminal case. It resulted in the indictment and arrest of his prime suspect. The FBI DNA Analysis Unit went on to use Rookstool's DNA extraction technique in several FBI Major Cases to include the 1993 World Trade Center Bombing as well as the Unabomber case.